I previously mentioned the importance of turning what is today an everyday performance (sanitizing everything and anything that is touched or moves) into a staged production. It emphasises the importance of being COVID compliant and executed professionally should provide comfort to your customers. This needs to start from the top. 

It saddens me that some retailers and even some in the hospitality industry do not appear to be taking this seriously. It can only be a matter of time before, like parts of Spain, we will have to reclose venues because of new infections. Therefore, I urge those at the top to set the right example and go that extra yard. As I have discovered with a few hotels, bars and restaurants on my travels they even go so far as to have thermometers at the ready. If a patron has a temperature above 37 degrees, it might require you or your staff to prevent entry into the establishment. This exercise alone demonstrates your commitment and dedication to protecting the health and safety of both staff and customers as well as your understanding of the bigger picture. 

I again reiterate the need to train all your staff in these new potential scenarios posed by Coronavirus and in your day to day life share and copy best practices. Make sure staff are fully trained for a variety of potential outcomes and situations so they are confident and well versed in everything that is newly required of them. I encourage all business owners to continue to be innovative to protect your bottom-line, perhaps keep some staff on furlough until October and as tough as it might be to review staffing levels and procedures. 

Finally take inspiration from Tom Kerridge, who was particularly vocal about no-shows and how the impact of this places additional strain on your business in an already stressful and worrying economic situation. Some businesses are on the point of bang or bust and with the difference between the two is only a few good or bad business decisions. Every aspect of your business should be looked at in discerning detail and adapted to ensure viability. For those taking pre-bookings who are inevitably operating at a reduced capacity already, I would suggest the requirement of a non-refundable deposit if no-shows are becoming an issue. Customers should understand your need to protect what has become a reduced and fragile income because we really are all in this together. 

Good luck.

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