Since the benefit of being able to work remotely had become apparent to the masses we have seen a trend developing which shows uptake in coaching and mentoring services.

These services suit individuals with different needs, which is what I want to explore in this blog.

Some people may choose to hire a life coach who will perhaps use holistic methods and exercises to help people deal with emotional blockages and issues in their life to achieve a better quality of life and well-being.

Ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs may choose to use a business mentor who can help them align their business and achieve business goals. As well as looking at the business and offering advice to manage and grow the business similar to that which a consultant may offer, they will help the entrepreneur to reset their thinking to enable them to reach their goals now and in the future and manage the business effectively. This type of service often crosses the boundaries of life coaching with similarities in mindset coaching and meditation, for this reason, it may not be for everyone and that really comes down to making sure you fully research the coach or mentor you choose to work with and checking that their process will suit you and your needs.

In the corporate world, CEO, executive, and senior management level staff may require the support of a coach or mentor too. This type of executive coaching offers independent and unbiased mentoring and advice, often from a consultant or coach from a similar background. The office politics and pressure for external professional perfection mean that the services of a mentor are needed to offer guidance, advice, and support to maintain those expectations of the corporate world with no guilt attached and without the feeling of failure. Coming from the same roles as those they now coach, gives this level of mentor unequivocal real-life experience that you can’t get from a book or online confidence course, and as they work with you and guide you they get to know you personally and can help you excel in your professional career. There is, in essence, a been-there-done-that relatability that means they can empathize with your situation and issues and can advise from an experienced perspective.

This corporate coaching can also be a game-changer for those individuals at the pinnacle of their career that has issues they want to address. Perhaps they simply want more from their role or are having an issue in certain areas such as communication with the board of directors or difficulty with asserting authority with those under their own direction. There are techniques that can be used to learn different ways to handle issues and when they are delivered by a coach with experience in the workplace who may have overcome them first-hand or helped others overcome them within the workplace they are tried and tested techniques. So, there is also a place for mentoring for highly-successful individuals who want to address issues within their role to achieve ultimate job satisfaction.

Whatever your reason for looking into the services of a mentor or coach, be clear first about what you want to achieve, or at least be prepared to have to decide that soon. Think about how you best learn, and how prepared you are to learn and change. There is no point in choosing a coach who teaches clients to practice gratitude if you simply want to learn how to effectively manage tricky relationships with staff, so make sure you research or enquire into what and how they teach too.

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