No quivering voice, no fluttering stomach, you have confidence by the bagful. You wouldn’t be much of a Managing Director without a b. Yet, the importance of not missing anything, checking the angle is right and even just a second opinion is something I wish I had given more consideration in my formative years, and I think it is a tool many executives overlook.

No matter how well you know the topic or the board members you are presenting to, at this executive-level the margin for error swings between simple embarrassment and a complete flop.

Another set of ears could offer an unbiased opinion before delivery is made to those who hold the decision-making power. As they say, “if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail”. When making a presentation to a board of directors is there such a thing as too much practice. I know you got where you are by being at the top of your game, however, that alternate opinion from an independent business consultant could be a small difference that makes this pitch a game-changer. The ingenuity of taking the opportunity to get a second opinion speaks volumes of the levels you will go to achieve perfection.

As a CEO or Managing Director, you will be surrounded by many who would be eager to hear your ideas before they get presented, you could even approach the board in advance. But would that jeopardise their confidence in you or undermine the support that you seek?

An independent business consultant has such depth of experience that they can offer their expertise with an honest opinion of your ideas. They may have had similar ideas in former roles but if not, they will have enough experience to make a judgement on any improvements.

In the current climate the business world is awash with coaches and mentoring services but as a successful CEO who needs practical support and advice  not a fresh mindset, within the unrivalled knowledge of an independent business consultant is where the benefits will be plentiful.

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