On the job training is undeniably the most cost-effective method of up-skilling your workforce however, very few employers value this type of approach. Moreover, during these challenging times obtaining maximum productivity from your staff while keeping the morale on a high with potential redundancies beckoning has never been more important than now. 

When was the last time your company carried out a staff audit to evaluate each employee against their original Roles & Responsibilities when first employed? In fact, during these COVID times isn’t it the case that today’s Roles and Responsibilities might need to change, possibly permanently? 

The clock is ticking with furlough coming to an end in October so, are you ready and prepared to welcome every employee back? If not, you still have time but please don’t adopt that all too common policy of ‘last in first out’. A sensible approach is one that is more scientific and diplomatic where you base the staffing needs of your business on the skill- set of your employees. 

Whilst considering business staffing, have you ever conducted a simple set of personality tests to assess which staff would suit today’s new challenges? VARK is an example of one that can be found online. It should take no longer than an hour and trust me that this would be time well spent. In the process, it would allow you to make the right call on who stays and who unfortunately must go. 

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