The hierarchy of the corporate world is something I am well versed with and something I was embroiled in for many many years.

The typical do’s and don’ts and unspoken expectations are what led to many missed opportunities where I could have really done with some support but felt my ‘rank’ in the workplace meant that it would show weakness to ask for that second opinion.

You are probably a leader, a go-getter, confident and secure in your position. Had you even ever considered that you would benefit from having a coach who can support your role? Every pilot needs a co-pilot and sometimes that comes in the form of a mentor.  Coaching is the modern way of having a right-hand man, or woman, who can support and encourage you without you feeling like your authority has been undermined. Those in the highest of leadership positions surely need another set of eyes cast over their new ideas before rolling them out as new products, services, or procedures.

An external and unbiased coach or mentor from a corporate background suits this role perfectly. They are not connected with the day to day office politics, so all feedback remains impartial. As a business consultant, they have all the skills and tools necessary to advise confidently and with professionalism. Why do a good job when you can do a great one? Especially in the current climate where you are probably facing challenges you never thought possible whether they are financial or logistical with staff working remotely.

Compare the business world to the sporting world, an Olympic level sportsperson does not start training alone at the peak of their career, more likely they employ more professional coaches around them to sustain their current success level and to propel their career further.

I am glad to see professionals embracing mentoring in their roles and understanding that coaching is not just for self- employed entrepreneurs but also for CEO’s, Senior Managers and any employee of a business at an executive level. These individuals’ whose presence has defined the shape of the workplace and to whom many successes are owed may now face unprecedented problems that they would benefit from a mentor to help align their progress moving forward.

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