Hello and welcome to my first blog. I am Malcolm, Director of MPB Business Consultancy Services. I offer a range of services across a range of industries such as the sports and leisure industry, retail and the travel and tourism sector. My wealth of expertise enables me to assist with sales and marketing, business strategies, innovation, succession planning, diversification, management coaching, and mentoring, re-structuring and re-development. I wanted to open the door into my business in the form of a blog and thought the best topic to start with would be to briefly look at why a business might hire a business consultant. I hope you enjoy it.

Hiring a business consultant can be useful for a company, whether they are emerging or developing. But the timing and choice of a consultant is imperative to the unison being effective for the business, as is the reason for hiring one in the first place.

So, why would a business enlist the help of a business consultant? Well, there are a few reasons. They could need some help to resolve an internal business problem or perhaps they need help with finding problems within the company that are hindering business growth.

A business consultant brings their own unique set of skills and expertise into your business to offer help, guidance and ultimately a fresh set of experienced eyes to look at your problems from an unbiased point of view. And, once they’ve found the problem, of course, they can step in to help you find and execute the solutions.

A business consultant can also help with sales and marketing. You might not know the best ways to market your business, you might need help finding the best channels to do so. They can develop your existing strategy or help you to create an entirely new one depending on what your business needs.

Another way a business consultant can help your business is to find ways for it to expand, grow and diversify. Often a business can reach a point where it is operating successfully but is struggling to find ways to grow, and this is where a consultant will step in and use their knowledge to help put strategies in place to help you achieve your business goals and optimise your business potential.

Hiring a business consultant can be a great way to fill a skills gap in your company and have a dedicated and focussed professional act on your business’s behalf to drive the business forward and move past what was previously a sticking point for the company.

MBP business consultancy services offers consultancy services to a range of industries. Malcom can also be a Non- Executive Director or interim CEO/MD. Malcom has experience in a broad range of industries including but not limited to the retail and tourism industries and has overseen several multi-million-pound projects throughout his professional career.

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