As part of the senior management team, how would you categorise your staff pre and during COVID?

How about your career? Were you always destined to be the Leader, General or Captain or was there a moment in your career where you had to take that next step and challenge that all too familiar caption – “ Well, this is how we have always done it”

In these unsettling trading times, we need our staff to challenge all our processes and procedures because things probably cannot remain as they were within your business. You need to consider changes for your business survival. Staffing levels must be reviewed, and new income streams adopted or tried to therefore have an independent assessment of where you are. You will also need to evaluate the capabilities of your staff to adapt to these changes. So, previously I talked about the VARK personality test but have you and your staff recently reviewed your previous SWOT analysis against today’s “new norm“? Now seems a good time to do so with so many other businesses changing their way of operating too. Moreover, what about Leadership styles and decision-making skills in your ranks? Who is best in dealing with conflicts, handling customers or being that hidden entrepreneurial gem in your outfit? You might just be surprised just how capable your employees might be given the chance, and in turn what potential they have within the business. 

As important as it is, obtaining a staff audit that encapsulates everything the above will take time, however, an independent consultant can undertake this role so it will be conducted on the job to reduce any disruption. No need to arrange transportation to an external classroom, your staff will be able to carry out some minimal online activity with the ZOOM and some e-learning.

With October looming and furlough coming to end time is beginning to run out to get your staffing and systems finalised. 

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