By all accounts, the 4th July passed with few incidents of any unruly behaviour – thank goodness! And those rare instances where there were issues, I was delighted to hear management taking the decision to close early. On hearing a customer had unfortunately contracted COVID19 one venue acted upon their Track and Trace system. This is great news for the hospitality industry as it means they can continue to open with these successful systems in place.

Closer to home, I am impressed by some of the ingenuity many of the hoteliers, bars and restaurants owners have adopted in being COVID compliant but also in how they have sought out other revenue streams. I have learned of the creation of a temporary shop for the locals, offerings of take-away food and drink, and even a mobile barista. In essence, this gives customers even more reasons to visit your establishment and one would hope that they visit time and time again thereafter.

Another consideration is that these new income generators may well become a more permanent feature particularly. We know that at around 60% occupancy your traditional business will not be sustainable so being able to generate income in other ways will make re-opening worthwhile.

Furthermore, obtaining feedback from your staff and customers is essential to gauge what is working and what areas need improvement. Even copying other innovative ideas should not be frowned upon. Above all, use your social platforms to share these ideas, bring attention to the feedback received and share special occasions that you have had the pleasure to be part of. Share the anecdotes that will put a smile on everyone’s face like the couple celebrating their 11th Anniversary on the 4th of July. The Operations Manager at the Bedford Arms Hotel was one of those waiters serving the then Bride & Groom on the day of their wedding back in 2009.

The hospitality is far from back to normal, but it is promising to see more and more businesses opening up in some capacity and enjoying getting back to what they do best.

Sometimes seeking out new revenue sources or preparing your staff for obscure situations requires some outside intervention. I have a range of experience as a business consultant which I draw from when teaching and my in-depth knowledge and skills can help your business with staying COVID compliant and running in a way that is profitable.

As an independent business consultant, I can help you strategise your plans and give you confidence and skills to overcome the naysayers and push for success.

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