So, here we are with most of the hospitality sector open for business and with 1 METER+ being the new mantra of the moment! Yet, whilst the tone of complying with these rules seems quite convivial and jolly before entering the bar, restaurant, or hotel of choice, once inside some consumers seem less compliant. 

Many staff members will not have been trained to handle these new COVID -19 guidelines or how to handle non-compliant customers. So, unless it is rectified by all your staff immediately the likelihood is that chaos will ensue, and the situation can turn to everyone for themselves. This will not make for an enjoyable or safe environment for anyone and at worst it could jeopardise the future of the hospitality industry being able to remain open, and open in a larger capacity.  

In terms of preparation for these circumstances, regular roleplay with a variety of scripts should be prepared to handle those delicate moments. These are excellent tools to teach to defuse any possible escalation of non-compliance and will give staff the confidence to deal with any incidents throughout their career in hospitality. 

For the past few weeks, I have been preparing several hospitality establishments to prepare for the mad rush of patrons who have been cooped-up for over 3 months now. All staff are familiar with the Governments’ 43-page document on COVID-19 Guidance & Compliance. In addition to preparing the staff, risk assessments have been undertaken and, in some cases, even “fogging” has taken place to prepare the premises. I recommend implementing supreme cleanliness and frequent handwashing by your staff and if you or your staff do detect COVID related non-compliance you must act immediately. Not only does this protect your customers and your staff but also the compliant customers will appreciate all the actions you are taking and will feel confident to return in the future.”

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