Post COVID-19 and coming out of furlough might see these 3 business “buzzwords “on the top of many chief executives first board meeting agenda. Why? Well, when we do eventually return to what we create for a “new normal “our customers will be more discerning than ever before. So much in fact, that you might even need to reconsider your own current business model and contemplate a different revenue stream to meet these changing consumer times.

So, now is the time to be bold, be brave and pilot your new income generator that will operate in tandem with your existing business. Before discussing this idea with your fellow directors why not research and analyse your plans with someone impartial? An independent business consultant can evaluate your plan while sharing their similar experiences.

In my case, as the CEO of Wineworld Plc (namely Vinopolis) broadening the wine-tasting experience was initially met with some resistance as was turning Old Spitalfield Market into a top 10 hospitality venue. It is often the case that change will bring with it a degree of fear. To overcome said fear you need to be confident in your own convictions and yet able and willing to listen to those understandable concerns but gradually step by step winning their trust and support.

An independent business consultant can help you strategise your plans and thus give you confidence and skills to overcome the naysayers and push for success.

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