Having skilled and knowledgeable management will benefit the entire workforce and ensures that business can run smoothly, staff receive adequate support and customers receive a high level of customer service. There are many routes available, training can be done on the job or away from the workplace. I really enjoy delivering the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Management within the hospitality sector and I believe there are many benefits of hiring a business consultant, like myself, to train management staff within your company. I have compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of hiring a business consultant to train your management staff, I hope you enjoy it.

  • Experience

Knowledgeable tutoring can be best delivered by a tutor who has experience. Many business consultants have gone into consultancy with previous experience in management or a closely related field. This means they know the mechanisms that need to be in place for a successful business model and can apply previous experience to the information they provide and in the way they teach.

  • Working knowledge

A business consultant will have worked in many different companies and industries so they will have a vast range of working knowledge of many businesses. This working knowledge allows them to teach in such a way that is highly beneficial to the managers that they are training. They can make sure that they teach relatable and relevant material that will be useful to the managers within their roles.

  • Help with other issues

A business consultant brings a plethora of skills to a business. When a business consultant undertakes the task of tutoring managers through a qualification, they can use these skills to also address issues that the managers are facing. They can help and advise the managers to overcome obstacles and guide them through the training, so they are better equipped to deal with issues themselves for the future.

  • Teaching nature

By nature of the job, a business consultant is a natural teacher. Their consulting work requires them to help business owners make changes within their companies and this often means learning a new way to do things, embracing new ideas and thinking outside the box. A good business consultant will leave a company with the tools to be able to identify and resolve future issues for themselves. Their natural ability to pass on knowledge to others makes them excellent candidates for delivering tuition for a qualification.

  • Range of industries

Management looks different in each company and each industry. A business consultant can use their experience gained in a range of industries to tailor the courses to suit the industry that the managers are working in.

As an experienced business consultant, I enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge through teaching a qualification and if you would like to discuss how I can help train your management staff please get in touch.

Here is what one of my student’s had to say about her training.

“This course was an amazing experience for me both from a learning point of view and performance-wise. The practical part of the course was extremely helpful where I got a chance to implement all the knowledge gained during the course. I have learnt to look at the bigger picture, and I have learnt to have budget controls and that a plan is always essential, always plan to plan. I have learnt that communication is one of the most important, if not the most important skills and I am now applying this to the workplace. I think that I have become more confident in sharing my opinion, but also sharing it in the right way. I have more understanding of why senior management makes the decisions they do.” – Jessica Bolden 07/03/2020 Events and Reception Manager at The Bedford Arms Hotel

MBP business consultancy services offer consultancy services to a range of industries.

Malcolm can also be a Non- Executive Director or interim CEO/MD. Malcolm has experience in a broad range of industries including but not limited to the retail and tourism industries and has overseen several multi-million-pound projects throughout his professional career

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