During my time working with various businesses, I seem to come across similar stumbling blocks when it comes to marketing. Whether a business is trying to become established in a competitive market or there is no return on investment there are ways that, as a consultant, I can step in and help avoid the mistakes (or help fix them) that I deem to fairly common in many companies.

Product focused

Very often I find a business will know their product or services inside-out (and so they should) but when it comes to marketing that concept, they focus only on those facts without thinking about who will use it. Marketing needs to focus on the customer more than the product so that it appeals to those customers. Do not make the mistake of thinking that anyone will use it because it’s so great, this is not often the case and a lot of time and money can be wasted working on that premise. A business consultant can help you create your ideal customer and plan a marketing strategy to target that demographic.

Badly placed marketing

For a marketing strategy to work it needs to be placed correctly. Where is your target audience engaging with marketing? If your services are aimed at a retirement-aged customer, then social media marketing is probably not going to be effective. A business consultant will have the experience to know where a campaign will reach the target audience to make sure your message is being seen by customers to generate more interest.

Dropping prices

Discounts have their place of course, but they need to be done strategically. Undercutting competitors and slashing prices to get leads might seem like a good idea but any business consultant will tell you that you may find it hard to come back from low introductory prices when you need to raise them in the future. If customers are only purchasing because you were the cheapest you may find you don’t build a loyal customer base and struggle to get repeat business once those prices rise, or if a competitor has a sale. That said exclusive one-off sales and reductions can work in some sectors and a business consultant can advise you how and when that can work.

Ignoring feedback

Your business is your baby, and a business consultant gets that. However, customers won’t. As much as it can be disheartening to receive a complaint the worst but most common mistake is to take it personally and ignore it. There are of course customers that complain without real reason but there might be the opportunity to turn some criticism around and use it to improve products and services. Also, from a customer relationship point of view, open and honest conversations when things don’t go well are always appreciated and customers are more likely to continue to recommend a company if a complaint was handled professionally and with consideration for the customer. A business consultant will have the skills to help a business deal with negative feedback and to move on from it with positive steps.

Assuming people are making conscious decisions
People respond to the dopamine rush they get from feeling connected and understood so every message that your brand creates should aim to connect with your audience on that level. The key to this is to create positive emotions and trust within your marketing so you can influence their buying choices. A business consultant can help guide your businesses marketing choices so the messages within them help to build on the emotions created by them.

A business consultant can help develop marketing strategies for brand awareness, or they can help expand existing marketing strategies to boost sales and increase profitability. With experience across different companies in all shapes and sizes, your business consultant can apply expert knowledge to make sure your sales and marketing strategies are the right choices for your business goals.

MBP business consultancy services offer consultancy services to a range of industries. Malcolm can also be a Non- Executive Director or interim CEO/MD. Malcolm has experience in a broad range of industries including but not limited to the retail and tourism industries and has overseen several multi-million-pound projects throughout his professional career

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