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With over 30 years in retail & leisure predominately as a Managing Director but whereby the last 17 years as a Chief Executive Officer of two small PLc companies – I believe I have the necessary skill-set to assist most organisations. Indeed the various endorsements and testimonials as illustrated within my website provides further evidence of my abilities and potential services I might offer your organisation.

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Malcolm Ball.

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“to succeed it’s more than just change management , its having that entrepreneurial approach and buy-in when introducing the new business strategy and in turn – a new source of income generation”
that’s the mantra of MPB Consultancy Services !


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I have known Malcolm Ball since the mid-eighties when he had a company called Gladstone Hall Associates which provided corporate hospitality for several large Blue-Chip companies including Barclaycard. My company Crown Catering providing both unique venues and catering for the likes of Barclaycard and others.

Our paths crossed again back in 2004 when as CEO of Vinopolis (Wineworld Plc} Malcolm decided to break with tradition and have one exclusive catering provider for this top hospitality venue in London. My company successfully tendered and won this account.

In more recent years as CEO of WMC Retail Partners Malcolm invited my company again to consider Old Spitalfields Market as being an ideal new and unique hospitality venue for the Capital.

Throughout Malcolm has always been innovative and entrepreneurial in his sales & marketing approach while demonstrating sound leadership and while having a keen mind for the importance of customer satisfaction.

I would hope that should he ever require the services of someone like us he will again consider us and we in turn would welcome that opportunity.

Russell Morgan, Founder Crown, Partnership

I first met MALCOLM BALL in the spring of 1995 when I arrived in the UK to head up the running of the Sandals Sponsorship Campaign for the West Indies Cricket Team which was due to tour later that year.

I was introduced to Malcolm who had been appointed by the West Indies Cricket Board , as their Marketing Representative. Malcolm would work in tandem with me to maximize any and all opportunities to get our name into the public space, and by extension, increase brand awareness and bookings to our Caribbean Resorts.

I can attest that Malcolm brought very creative ideas to the table , many never experienced by a touring West Indies Cricket team before. In fact, many were quite revolutionary , exhibiting Malcolm’s strong sense of entrepreneurship. All of this innovative thinking was in an effort to build on the brands of both West Indies Cricket and Sandals Resorts.

Through Malcolm’s contacts , he was able to introduce me to many persons and entities who would eventually play a positive role in maximising Sandals sponsorship of the tour.

At the end of the long tour (6 Test Matches and 5 One Day Internationals) , Sandals Resorts was extremely pleased with what we were able to achieve during our maiden overseas sponsorship effort. Malcolm’s leadership and communication skills certainly contributed significantly to this.

Based on my working experience with Malcolm, a keen sportsman, I would unhesitatingly recommend his services in any related field.

David L. Roper, Director , Industry Relations, Sandals Resorts International

I have known Malcolm Ball for over 15 years and have seen him working in various roles at London Irish, Vinopolis and Wellington Markets pie.

We previously put his sales and marketing skills to good use when we were looking to engage with Fitness Clubs and the club members themselves in an education campaign aimed at precisely that market . Malcolm clearly has an innovative approach to sales and marketing and we were very happy with the resulting successes.

Not surprisingly, when I learned he was available, I again engaged his services for STA Ltd to merge his contacts in the Sports & Leisure Industry with our activities in Spectator Safety training to generate further enrolments for our Apprenticeship programmes.

I anticipate that we will have the same level of success this time as we did before .

Andy Day, Director, STA Ltd.

Malcolm Ball is the consummate Professional in all that he does. He is entrepreneurial and innovative … particularly in terms of sales and marketing … but also has excellent leadership and project management skills … with an outstanding record of success within the Leisure, Sport and Retail sectors. I worked with Malcolm during my time at London Irish Rugby when I was CEO and he was the Sales & Marketing Director; I valued his contribution to the team and the business as a whole and, in particular, the strategy he put in place to develop the club’s brand credentials with key corporate partners. I have no hesitation in in recommending him to any company seeking such skills.

Geoff Huckstep, CEO National Ice Centre & Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

I am delighted to provide a reference In support of Malcolm.

I have known him for around ten years and always found him to be an enthusiastic and professional advocate of Markets.

NABMA has forged a number of partnership arrangements and while Malcolm was with Wellington Markets he was a great support In advancing the markets agenda on the national stage and facilitating our engagement with government through his company’s parliamentary links.

Malcolm Is a man of vision seeing the landscape of Markets in the future. It was particularly because of this quality that I personally recommended Malcolm to be Chairman of the Association of London Markets at a time when the AoLM was working with the Greater London Council to create a London Markets Board.

Malcolm worked tirelessly to Improve the status of the AoLM during his short tenure as Chairman. He was sad loss to the AoLM when he stood down because of severing his links with Wellington Markets. Malcolm is an enthusiastic and personable individual and a man whose opinions I greatly respect and who has been a significant asset to the markets industry.

I have no hesitation in providing a reference supporting him.

Graham Wilson OBE, Chief Executive, NABMA

We have been involved with Malcolm over the past thirty years, in various capacities.

When Malcolm was, at London Irish and Vinopolis, we hosted various corporate events for Hotels 109, the organisation and management were always of the highest standard.

Malcolm has also worked for us in a sales and marketing capacity, at The Selfridge Hotel London, The Royal Wefts Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells and The Bedford Arms Hotel Chenies. He has successfully implemented ideas, with the results, or increased turnover and improve margins.

We have no hesitation in recommending him and will continue using him In the future.

Peter Ratcllffe, Director, Hotel’s 109 Ltd


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As part of the senior management team, how would you categorise your staff pre and during COVID? How about your career? Were you always destined to be the Leader, General or Captain or was there a moment in your career where you had to take that next step and challenge that all too familiar caption – “ Well, this is how we have always done it” In these unsettling trading times, we need our staff to challenge all our processes and procedures because things probably cannot remain as they were within your business. You need to consider changes for your business survival. Staffing levels must be...


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